KSES at a Glance

KSES proudly is a knowledge-based company, developing advanced technologies in the field of IoT and SCADA. The company offers advanced remote data acquisition and data-logger systems & solutions together with high performance and nano-watt technologies, to the customers ranging from healthcare & environment to the oil & gas, water and wastewater industry and industrial plants.

our employees are among top talents from high-ranking universities of IRAN and worldwide. we were founded in 2004, in Tehran, Iran, further developing its operation though the German hub as a platform connecting its products to the European market.

Our Products & Services are designed for remote control and monitoring of industrial equipment in the field. Representative main applications are:

Smart Grids

Internet of Things (IOT)

Automation Systems

Distributed Production (Wind, Solar, etc.)

Environment Sensors Surveillance

Pump Stations

Pharmaceutical Cold Chain